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 really russian !!! 

Trio Scho - Transit

Trio Scho

Russischer Swing, wodkageschwngert! Unser Anspiel-Tip: Track 9: die neue schrge Hymne auf Berlin...    soundfiles
€ 14,99 shopping cart


Phil Thornton & Fat Chance Belly Dance - Nexus Tribal

Phil Thornton & Fat Chance Belly Dance
Nexus Tribal

Available again: produced in cooperation with FAT CHANCE BELLY DANCE ! One of our Tribal Dance Hit-CDs of the year 2011...    Soundfiles
€ 17,99 cart


Kevin Johansen - Sur O No Sur

Kevin Johansen
Sur O No Sur

So kreativ und locker-latin-leicht, da man sich sofort einen Schaukelstuhl herbeiwnscht und sich nach dem Sommer zurcksehnt.    more
€ 17,99 shopping cart

 Sabuha on DVD 

Sabuha Shanaz - Fire And Soul Of Oriental Dance (DVD)

Sabuha Shahnaz      DVD: The Best Of Fire And Soul Of Oriental Dance

12 Fabulous Solo performances in traditional and contemporary style. The glamorous, dedazzling costumes and unique choreographies will fascinate and compell. A high quality film documentation of both - live performances and studio cuts. This powerful dance unveils the ancient pulse of the orient period ...    more
Special price:  € 22,99                  shopping cart

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 20 years of Oasis Danse Ensemble 

Oasis Danse Ensemble - Oriental Motion

Oasis Danse Ensemble      Oriental Motion (DVD)

ORIENTAL MOTION zeigt uns eine der erfolgreichsten, mutigsten und sympathischsten orientalischen Tanzformationen Deutschlands. Dem modernen Tanztheater nahe, verbindet das OASIS DANSE ENSEMBLE in ORIENTAL MOTION den Orientalischen Tanz mit Modern Dance, Jazz und Afrikanischem Tanz.    more
Special price:  € 24,99                  shopping cart

 Raumer Records presents... 

Das zigeunerlager zieht in den Himmel

Das Zigeunerlager zieht in den Himmel
Original Soundtrack

Moving Russian Gipsy music!
Original Soundtrack of the soviet movie-highlight from the 70s, licensed by RAUMER RECORDS...   more
€ 13,99 shopping cart


Claude Challe - Nirvana Lounge

Claude Challe
Nirvana Lounge            
(2 CDs)

Ethno-Club-Lounge-Compilation from the great Claude Challe. There is nothing more to say about it, or what do You think...  more
€ 39,99 shopping cart

 ORIENTE MUSIK presents... 

Carlo Faiello - Le Danze Di Dioniso

Carlo Faiello
Le Danze Di Dioniso

North-african and greek-oriental influences come together with the sound of his neapolitan home. Really, really wonderfull...   more
€ 15,99 shopping cart
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