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  Bellydance Superstars present - Introduction to Polynesian Dance With Tumata (DVD)

DV4206     Not available !

Release Date: 18.02.08

Label: CIA


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Bellydance Superstars present
Introduction to Polynesian Dance With Tumata (DVD)

"First hand experience of the enchanting beauty and charm of ancient Tahitian and Polynesian dances and cultural presentations are unforgettable.The pulsing drums, the blur of the hip shaking, intoxicating tropical flower scents, and the unmistakable energetic performance that is Polynesian dance are brought together here. Dance is one of Tumatas foremost passions, which she teaches in addition to being one of the leaders of Tahitis most creative and popular dance troupe, Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti. In this program, Tumata goes through three basic steps of Tahitian dancing, the Ori Tahiti, the otea and the aparima."

Runninmg-Time: 73 min.

Category: Polynesien, Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


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