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  Sadie - Drum Solo - Technique & Choreography (DVD)

DV4134     € 34,99       into cart 

Release Date: 08.01.07

Label: IAMED


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Drum Solo - Technique & Choreography (DVD)

The drum solo is one of the most exciting portions of the belly dance performance - it's when the dancer can really show off her stuff! The drum solo showcases the belly dancer's technique and how creatively she can interpret the music. On this DVD, Sadie teaches a challenging drum solo that is sure to impress!

Drum Sounds
Sadie demonstrates drum sounds and how they are made. She explains how each drum sound tells you what kind of movement to use in performing the drum solo.

Technique and Combinations
Sadie teaches the combinations used in the drum solo, completely demonstrating and breaking down the technique of each movement. You'll be able to use the drum solo combinations in your own drum solo choreographies or improvisations, as well as Sadie's Drum Solo.

Drum Solo Choreography
Sadie strings together the combinations to teach the complete drum solo choreography, with repeated demonstrations and full explanations.

The DVD concludes with two hot performances by Sadie: the drum solo taught in this program, and a drum solo to live drumming by Amir Sofi!

Running Time: 107 min.

Format: NTSC / All Regions

Category: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


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