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  Bellydance Superstars present Bozenka - Every Shimmy In The Book (DVD)

DV4227     Derzeit nicht erhltlich!

Datum der Verffentlichung: 16.06.08

Label: CIA


Bellydance Superstars present Bozenka
Every Shimmy In The Book (DVD)

The Shimmy is unique to bellydancing and it is this movement in particular that distinguishes this dance form from any other. In this DVD, Bozenka teaches twelve different types of shimmies. She carefully selected the top shimmies used in drum solos and included her favorite ones too. Bozenka breaks down each shimmy and describes them in a way only she can, helping the student gain confidence, endurance and correct execution of movement.

After being repeatedly requested to teach shimmies during seminars, she was inspired to gather the top 12 shimmies and put them in a DVD for students to take home. Bozenka is an international Bellydance Superstar and one of the industries most sought after instructors. She is admired for her powerful, yet relaxed and earthy shimmies. A useful learning tool for students of all levels and a teaching tool for instructors, this is one DVD that any bellydancer should include in her video collection whether a beginner or the most advanced of dancers.

Rubrik: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


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