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  Bellydance Superstars present - Bellyqueen - Bellydance Jam (DVD + CD)

DV4040     € 26,99        Warenkorb 

Datum der Verffentlichung: 27.09.05

Label: Firstars


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Bellydance Superstars present
Bellyqueen - Bellydance Jam (DVD + CD)

"Hot bellydance moves you can use on the dance floor!"

With Bellydance Jam you can:
Build a strong foundation with key
bellydance moves
Learn an exciting routine-Bellyqueen's BQ Boogie
Dance freestyle (improvise) - solo or with a partner.
Get an effective low-impact fitness workout.
Practice to the included bonus CD of Middle Eastern dance beats.

Bellydance Jam combines traditional Middle Eastern technique with a hip club vibe for a fun, sexy, powerful dance experience. Learn with Bellyqueen and you'll catch on fast!

Bellydance Moves Covered:
Shoulder Circles
Vogue Arms
Shoulder Thrust
Shoulder Shimmies
Chest Lift and Drop
Hip Twist
Inward Figure 8
Hip Shimmies
Contraction and Release
Omi (Small Hip Circle)
Medium Hip Circle
Chest Circle
Undulation - Upper Torso (Chest)
Undulation - Lower Torso (Pelvis)
Undulation - Whole Body
Hip Lock
Hip Lift and Drop
Walk to Side
3-Point Turn

About Bellyqueen:
Bellyqueen has enchanted millions worldwide with their performances on Lollapalooza music tour, with the Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses, at the World Peace Awards in Bali, at Aladdin's Desert Passage in Las Vegas, and on numerous TV appearances. Now they share their secrets to help you get in shape and spice up your personal dance style.

Kaeshi Chai and Amar Gamal (1996 Ms America and Ms World of the Bellydance champion) are both certified in group exercise instruction by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). This DVD was created with the consultation of expert kinesiologist Dr Jeffrey Larkin and Laban movement specialist Ellen Goldman to help guide you in a safe, effective workout.

Bellydance Jam Special Features:
Exclusive interviews with world renown performer, Dalia Carella, professional bellydancers Sira Melikian, Jennifer Sears aka Thalia and musicians Karim Nagi aka Turbo Tabla, Vin Scialla from Mission on Mars, and Bellyqueen.
Solo and duet performances by Kaeshi Chai and Amar Gamal of Bellyqueen
Bellydance Superstars and Desert Roses performance montage
Bilingual instructions so you can learn in English or Spanish

Playing time (DVD): 115 Min.

Rubrik: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


 Workout CD 


Turbo Tabla: Turbo Tabla Two



Mission On Mars: Full Circle


Said Mrad: Where Do We Begin (Hikaya)


Mission On Mars: Queen Saidi On Mars


Mission On Mars: Mofongito Maksoum [Qanun Remix]


Turbo Tabla: Telegraphin Telleri


Mission On Mars: Shall We Shimmy


Turbo Tabla: Azziza


Mission On Mars: AExhale [Chiftetelli]


Turbo Tabla: Turbo Zaar


Mission On Mars: Mofongo Maksoum


Mission On Mars: Shall We Shimmy [Qanun Remix]

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