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  Lady Morrighan - Exotic Dance: Private Dancer (DVD)

DV4427     € 24,99        Warenkorb 

Datum der Verffentlichung: 29.03.11

Label: World Dance New York


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Lady Morrighan
Exotic Dance: Private Dancer (DVD)

World Dance New York's THIRD exotic dance instructional with the great LADY M.

Be one of the thousands learning to do real performance exotic dance from America's top professional exotic dance instructor, Lady M of New Orleans, with PRIVATE DANCER

Born in strip clubs, sexy and irresistible exotic dance has expanded to mainstream dance clubs, fitness clubs, womens events and parties. Exotic dance moves can vary from highly athletic to low-impact. No matter what your fitness level they deliver the joy of self-discovery, feminine empowerment, and new confidence in seeking and maintaining love relationships. This feminine dance form is a great opportunity to bond with other women while sharing your love of movement, and an opportunity to commit to self-improvement while developing a hopeful, optimistic spirit.

Created by Lady Morrighan (star performer and instructor of exotic dance) Exotic Dance: Private Dancer offers a step-by-step breakdown with practice sessions that will help you master a variety of authentic exotic dance steps, transitions, and combinations that go beyond the basics. Playful, graceful, and erotically-charged this wide range of moves and tricks are used in professional exotic dance performances, many of which are enhanced by Lady Ms own signature style and combinations.

The program is divided into 3 sections: Exotic Dance (includes Chair Dance), Challenging Floorwork, and a segment on how to give an exciting, interactive Couch Dance. Each section has a detailed tutorial and a practice session with music that will give you the skills to combine the moves and transitions into full-fledged sensual dance routines.

You will learn intermediate and advanced moves. Variations include hipwork, graceful arms, sexy body langugage, an assortment of exotic dance shimmies or rump shakers, seductive floowork, and moves ranging from sophisticated dynamic inverts to easy elegant poses. In the Couch Dance section Lady M will reveal her top secret techniques on how to give a private dance for your special someone... your Teddy Bear, of course! ;) You will learn how to gracefully interact with your sweetheart with confidence, class, elegance. On top of that, you will learn how to interact with them while performing your standing, floor, chair, and couch dance moves.

Lady M is acclaimed for her clear, solid, easy-to-follow, and generous teaching style which is based on in-depth dance training in many dance forms; including a star career as an exotic dance and bellydance soloist. Her two previous exotic dance videos, The Exotic Dance Workout and Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art have become best-selling classics of modern exotic dance instruction - the best-in-field programs for professional and amateur dance artists alike.

Running-Time: 125 min.

Rubrik: Special Interest, Burlesque, DVD


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