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  Fat Chance Belly Dance - present Krisztina Naz-Clark: Work that Skirt ATS Style (2 DVDs)

DV4564     € 34,99        Warenkorb 

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 08.02.16

Label: Czigany World Fusion Dance


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Fat Chance Belly Dance
present Krisztina Naz-Clark: Work that Skirt ATS Style (2 DVDs)

Your amazing skirts don't just have to be a part of your costume, they can be a prop to add a new dynamic to your dance. Krisztina has long been known for her beautiful skirt work and commanding ATS performances. She has now combined the two into a vocabulary that will take your improv performances to a whole new level. This instructional DVD will teach you how to layer fun and dramatic skirt moves over many Classic and Modern ATS Steps along with a few new Czigany Dialect Steps.

Running-Time: 112 min.

1 Carolena's Intro
2 Krisztina's Intro
3 Costuming
4 How to Catch & Hold Your Skirt
5 Shimmy Step
6 Arabic
7 Pivot Bump
8 Single Bump
9 Single Bump Half Turn
10 Double Bump
11 Choo Choo
12 Choo Choo Spin
13 Turkish Shimmy
14 Egyptian Basic
15 Egyptian Half & Full Turns
16 Egyptian Sevillana
17 Triple Egyptian
18 Spins
19 Reach and Sit
20 Box Step
21 Triangle Step
22 Push Forward and Back
23 Chico Four Corners
25 Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop
26 Grapevine Flourish
27 Wrap Around Turn
28 Clean Sweep Turn
29 Shimmy Step
30 Arabic
31 Pivot Bump
32 Single Bump
33 Single Bump Half Turn
34 Double Bump
35 Choo Choo
36 Choo Choo Spin
37 Turkish Shimmy
38 Egyptian Basic
39 Egyptian Half & Full Turns
40 Egyptian Sevillana
41 Triple Egyptian
42 Spins
43 Reach and Sit
44 Box Step
45 Triangle Step
46 Push Forward and Back
47 Chico Four Corners
49 Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop
50 Grapevine Flourish
51 Wrap Around Turn
52 Clean Sweep Turn
53 Performance

Rubrik: Oriental, Belly Dance, Tribal, DVD


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