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  Shahrzad - Silk Waist - Belly Dance Abdominal Isolations

DV4552     € 25,99        Warenkorb 

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 21.04.15

Label: World Dance New York


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Silk Waist - Belly Dance Abdominal Isolations

Rubrik: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


Some of the most iconic and eye-catching movements in belly dance are the rolls, pops and flutters of the belly. It is essential for every bellydancer to master the skill of isolating the abdominal muscles and the means and methods of using them to add power and depth to movements of the pelvis and chest.

Silk Waist - Belly Dance Abdominal Isolations with Shahrzad is a beginner-to-open-level instructional program focusing on the technique of classic bellydance stomach articulations, and on the art of weaving them into the texture of dance. Shahrzad teaches skills that can be used by dancers of all levels, in any style of belly dance.

Shahrzad's program starts with a warmup and foundational exercises to help you find and condition the muscles used in various types of bellywork.

In the Technique and Movements sections Shahrzad offers a step-by-step breakdown of the abdominal isolations that form the basis of dance moves, and leads you in practice with music for every move and variation -- giving you the time to practice and perfect your technique.

In the Combinations section, she puts bellywork moves into sequences designed to enhance your coordination and muscle control. This will help you learn how to use abdominal isolations seamlessly within the flow of your dance. Accompanied by percussionist Marshall Bodiker, Shahrzad uses Arabic, Turkish and Indian rhythms to show how each abdominal movement is applied in association with traditional music.

Included in the program is Shahrzad’s 5-minute Abs Workout - a perfect addition to your regular bellydance practice if you would like to refine and perfect the muscle control needed to perform bellydance abs work.

Running-Time: 70 min.
Format: NTSC / region-code-free
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