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  Sadie - Sultry Slow Moves (DVD)

DV4209     € 34,99        Warenkorb 

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 25.02.08

Label: IAMED


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Sultry Slow Moves (DVD)

The Taksim
The emotional and poetic improvised solo in MiddleEastern Music ~ is often accompanied by the Cifti Telli rhythm with its hypnotic cadence of quick and slow beats. Dancing to a Cifti Teli Taksimuses slow, flowing movements that reflect an emotional connection to andunderstanding of the music. In this DVD, Sadie teaches you the basicelements of a Taksim and the Cifti Telli, and how to dance to the two together in a Cifti Telli Taksim.

Taksim and Cifte Telli
Sadie first explains the characteristics of a Taksim and the dancer'srole in a Taksim performance. She discusses the origins of the Cifti Tellirhythm, the kinds of music in which it is found, and how the dancer uses itin her performance. Then with the help of tabla player Amir Sofi, sheexplains and breaksdown the structure of both the slow 8/4 and the fast 4/4versions of this popular rhythm.

Slow Technique
Sadie explains and demonstrates how to execute many foundational BellyDance movements with the fluidity and grace that are the key to a beautifulTaksim dance. Because slow movements can be harder to execute than fast, sheteaches you how to develop the muscle control you will need. She shows you how to work many muscle groups together at once so that your slow movements cascade and ripple. Then she puts the movements together into Combinations perfect for a slow Cifte Telli Taksim. You will learn seamless transitions, varying your temp, and using the breath of the movement for subtle effect.

Putting It All Together
Sadie shows you how to turn movements into dancing. You will learnPoses and Extensions that add drama and emotion to your dancing. She willalso teach you the technique and timing for: * back bends * how to descendto the floor gracefully - * the 3 and 5-step Arabesque * veil combinations *and spins and turns that are perfect for your slow dancing. For life in thefast lane, Sadie also shows you how to perform several of the moves andcombinations to the faster Turkish Cifte Telli! She then puts it alltogether into a mini choreography you can perform or just practice to.

Finally, you are treated to a beautiful costumed performance by Sadie featuring a Cifti Telli Taksim!

Format: NTSC / Region Code Free

Rubrik: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


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